Providing all businesses with quick and effective IT solutions

At Data Trans Technologies we offer a wide array of solutions to modern businesses. We first and foremost understand the full complexity of the problems outlined by our clients and using our extensive experience and knowledge offer the most optimal solution. Our job is to help all businesses become advanced, streamlined and optimised.

Our Providing Services

We offer out clients a wide array of services but are focused on the following below which we believe are the corner stone to help any business operate efficiently.

Custom CRMs/Systems

CRMs are important to most business to keep a track of day to day operations We offer to integrate a crm solution for you


We provide consultancy services to our clients. We help deal with agents and paperwork and give expertise where needed

Website Development

Creating a custom website with any extras such as booking systems, chat etc integrated

App Development

Have an app made just for your business. Have the whole process taken care of by us

Custom Solutions

If you need something very custom and unique made which most businesses require now. Our specialist will sit down and map out exactly what you are looking for and build it for you

IT Support & Maintenance

Have all your support and maintenance taken care of by us. All your systems working perfectly all year round

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